Church Pension Group Officers & Principal Outside Advisors

Church Pension Group Officers*

Chief Executive Officer and President
Mary Katherine Wold

Executive Vice Presidents
Francis P. Armstrong
The Rev. Clayton D. Crawley
Maria E. Curatolo**
Patricia S. Favreau
The Rev. Canon Anne Mallonee
Nancy L. Sanborn
Roger A. Sayler
Ellen M. Taggart

Senior Vice Presidents
Paul A. Calio**
Louis Carusillo
The Rev. Patrick S. Cheng
Jeffrey Cianci
Mark J. Dazzo
Kathleen Floyd
TraceyAnn L. Harvey
Martin Hossfeld
Laurie Kazilionis
William Murray
Matthew J. Price
William Psinakis
William L. Pye
C. Curtis Ritter
John Servais
James E. Thomas**
Renee D. Ward

Managing Directors
John Angelica
Helen Fox-O’Brien
Brian Jandrucko
Rhonda Kershner
Eric Mason
Stephen T. Poulos
Sajith Ranasinghe
Christopher Rowe
Robert Smulowitz
Alan Snoddy
June Yearwood

Vice Presidents
Carolyn Bendana
Nancy Bryan
Deborah Burnette
Samuel Carucci
Sean Chatterton
Patricia M. Christensen
Kenneth Cody
Theodore Elias**
Edward A. Feliciano
Robert Flannery
Steven J. Follos
Max Giacomazzi
Angela L. Harris
Garth Howe
Kenneth Jacobson
Stacie Joh
Alan Johnson
Linda A. Knowlton
Lisa LaRocca
Lianne Limoli
William M. Lodico
Jeffrey Lyngaas
Debbie Massi
Margarita Monegro
Elliot Orol
Danette Patterson
Pat Rasile
Ann Robinson
Jack Rutledge
John Scheffler
Beena Shaffie
Lorraine Simonello
Paul W. Stephens
Andrea W. Still
Dane M. Tracey
Timothy Vanover
Joyce Flournoy Wade
Lisa Yoon

Assistant Vice Presidents
Rezina Ali
Anthony Cota
Rachel Christmas Derrick
Camille Fredrickson
John Gallo
Michael Guardiola
Laurie Harwell
Reid Howard
Jeanne-Marie Istivan-Scanlon
Carol Kendrick
Adam Knapp
William Lamb
Michelle Langone
Rose Lawson
Jennifer D. Lewis
Alicia McKinney
Lou-Ann Milton
The Rev. Laura Queen
Tobias Ruffin
Andrew Scherer
Stephen Tihor
Isabella White
Alan F. Blanchard, President Emeritus
David R. Pitts, Chair Emeritus

*Includes officers of The Church Pension Fund and officers of affiliated companies, which include The Church Insurance Agency Corporation, The Church Insurance Company of Vermont, Church Life Insurance Corporation, The Episcopal Church Medical Trust, and Church Publishing Incorporated, between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020. **Effective April 2020: Theodore Elias was promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer to replace Maria E. Curatolo, who retired May 1, 2020; Paul Calio retired as Senior Vice President, Integrated Benefits Operations and William Psinakis was promoted to that position; James E. Thomas retired.

Principal Outside Advisors


The Northern Trust Company

Independent Auditors
Ernst & Young LLP
Johnson Lambert LLP

Pension Actuary
Buck Global, LLC

Health Plan Actuary
Aon Hewitt